Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Woolgather Wednesday no.2

I went a bit further afield today and found some great places to leave things.

My first couple of drops were close to home though:
number one was a blue pink and white silky scarf of the exhibition door

number two was this brown and white scarf tied around a lamp post on Bond Street

Then I went for a wander in a direction I hadn't taken before and found the perfect spot for scarf three:

a beigey greeny browny floral scarf, tied around the eyes of this statue at Bond Court

Walking a bit further I came across Park Square where I left my next two items

conveniently overhanging trees down one side of the park meant I could dangle this magenta shoulder padded delight right in the path of passers by.

next I went inside the park, and in possibly my boldest move yet, I crept under a tree, right behind a couple eating lunch on a bench, and hung a dress just above a man who was having a lunchtime nap on the grass.

This was one of my favourite moments ever.


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