Thursday, 6 June 2013

Waistcoat Adventures

It seems the waistcoat I left in Bethnal Green has been having a lot of fun!

The day after it was left I received this photo from Simon:

...featuring his friend Adam striking an impressive pose.

But that's not all, the waistcoat must have journeyed on, as a few days later I received another email, this time from Adam, containing these 5 amazing photos.

Thank you photo takers and waistcoat wearers!


Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Early Morning East London

On my travels a couple of weeks ago I left this geometric patterned waistcoat outside the Salmon and Ball pub, just next to Bethnal Green tube station

then a pretty lemon yellow petticoat / nightie, on the amazing shop shutters of Brick Lane Boutique

And finally a black zip up dress with poppy pattern, left hanging on the railings of the Old Truman Brewery, further down Brick Lane.
(you might have to squint to see the dress in the second photo, taken in a hurry on my phone!)

Stay tuned for some reply posts tomorrow...


Monday, 3 June 2013

Starbucks Reply

On 18th May I received these lovely photos from Laurie Rose, featuring the purse I left in Starbucks...

...thank you Laurie!


Monday, 13 May 2013

Starbucks Sunday

After a day spent mostly horizontal with a bad back, I made a tentative trip to Starbucks at Rhostyllen yesterday evening, to leave a couple of surprises.

A white knitted jumper with little pastel flowers hanging from a window ledge in the toilets

And then a sweet little clutch  bag / purse with green pattern, left on the window sill where I'd been sitting. I had to be extra stealthy about this one and make a fairly speedy exit.

Here's hoping to hear from coffee lover or two.


Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Fast Response from Newtown

I've already had a reply from the scarf left in Newtown yesterday - received last night at 9pm from Judy Phillips ands Tia Marie the Husky!

Here's the lovely message which accompanied the photo:

Yellow and blue scarf blowing on Dolerau Bridge in Newtown POWYS

Our 8 Month old Tia Marie , a baby husky. spotted your scarf and actually barked at it, despite being very hot!

We have taken her photograph for you, wearing it, it will be attatched top her panniers on the long walk she and her older 'sister' Simmie are taking over the Pyranees ( St James Walk) with my husband and son in a couple of years!

Amazing - thank you Judy and Tia Marie!!


Newtown and Wrexham

Yesterday I kicked off a new season of With Love activitiy.

First drop around 9.30am was this bright yellow top with lace detail, left hanging in a tree outside Oriel Davies Gallery in Newtown, Mid Wales.

Secondly, at around 12.30pm this blue and yellow patterned scarf, left on a foot bridge over the river in Newtown.

Then lastly for yesterday, a grey and white stripey skirt left in the foyer of the Pant Yr Ochain pub in Wrexham, North Wales, just before closing time.

More to come in and around Wrexham this next week so keep your eyes open!