Saturday, 30 July 2011

something shiny.

Here's the latest reply I received, from the lovely Annie Povey who found the sequined bag I left in the town hall in Llangollen last week. Perfectly teamed with this stunner of a dress.

Thank you Annie! x

found item

Annie Povey to me
show details
thanks, bag now in its new home with a very precious vintage dress x

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Last week in Llangollen

Here are the bits and pieces I left around Llangollen during the Fringe Festival last week.

A blue pencil skirt on the railings of the Methodist Church by the river

This little oriental looking bag, in a handy alcove by the Wrexham bus stop.

This pretty green and silver knitted top, hanging in an apple tree in the little snicket leading up to the pavilion.

This beautiful beaded top, left in the town hall on Friday night during the Race Horses gig. This was a donation from Judith last month.

Last of all this gold beaded bag, another Judith gem, left in the ladies toilets in the town hall on Friday night.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Llangollen Fringe Festival

This week With Love From The Artist is in North Wales, at the annual Llangollen Fringe Festival.
I'm exhibiting some of the existing images in The International Pavilion where there's loads going on this week including performances from Gallops, Y Niwl, Racehorses, The Buzzcocks.

Here are the first few bits and bobs I've left in Llangollen this week:
Kicking off this bright orange vest top with lacy bust bits, left on cast iron railings by the Town Hall.

Next a pretty pink and white flowery scarf, left tied to a bench by the fudge shop next to the bridge.

Thirdly, this vivid red pencil skirt with a pleat at the front, left hanging over the path by the river, just near the Corn Mill pub. I really like the colour of this against the trees, you could actually see it from the other side of the river too.

Finally, this embroidered shirt left hanging in the foyer of the Pavilion itself, not far from my exhibition. This is a tad creased but still very pretty!
I'm going back up this afternoon to drop some more surprises off, come on Llangollen let's have some interesting replies!


Monday, 4 July 2011

Vintage Fair Reply

Today I received this really sweet photo and email from Jemima Lee, who found the first thing I left at Judy's vintage fair a couple of weeks ago. Lovely!

Found: Blue Scarf

Jem Bannister to me
show details 12:42 AM (14 hours ago)
Hello there!

I'm just letting you know that I picked up one of your items at the recent Vintage Fair in Chester: I found a flowery blue scarf tied to a door handle only moments after reading about your project.

I've attached a picture of the scarf being put to use (along with a shirt I also bought at the fair!). Just so you know, it's come to a loving home :3

I think what you're doing is really interesting, and also really sweet. As a fellow artist, I love things that allow people to connect, whether they meet or not. There's a special mark left behind. I wonder if you've heard of PostSecret? They do something similar, in the form of leaving secrets for others to read anonymously. It's hugely popular!

Well, good luck with your project. I hope it grows and allows you to do more in the future :) And thank you for the scarf!

All the best,

Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair

On Saturday 18th June I left a selection of surprises on and around the stalls at the Chester Guildhall.

First drop of the day, a long blue scarf with pink flowers, tied to a door handle.

second was this really pretty little beaded bag, one of the things donated by Judith, left on a hat stand at the entrance to the fair.

next this fluffy feathered pill box hat, another Judith gift, left on a table in the Tea Shoppe.

next this pink patterned dress, left on Prince's Vintage stall. Not a great photo unfortunately, hopefully someone will send me a better one!

this stunning little pastel pink beaded bag (yet another Judith special), left somewhat camouflaged amongst some other sequined bags.

late in the day I left this stripy pencil skirt in the Tea Shoppe area.

Finally, a lovely tortoise-shell style clutch bag, again donated by Judith, left just opposite the Guildhall, outside a shop on the rows.

New Stock

During the Woolgather show I met a lovely lady called Judith at an artist's talk, and she very generously offered to donate some vintage goodies for the ongoing project!

A couple of weeks later we met up for a coffee and Judith presented me with a big bag full of absolutely gorgeous bags, gloves and clothes, some real treasures. I'm a bit late posting this up, and I've actually already distributed a few lovely pieces at Judy's Vintage Fair in Chester, post to follow.


Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A skirt from a stranger... thing I really love about this project is when things pop up from a while ago to surprise me. Last night I received an email from Hannah Holt who found my grey skirt with pleats in the Woolgather exhibition. Here's her photo:

a skirt from a stranger

Hannah Holt to me
show details 9:52 PM (11 hours ago)
Dear Jo,

Congratulations on your woolgather win. I love your idea.


Thank you Hannah!