Monday, 16 May 2011

Monday 16th May in Leeds

Today's first drop - a lacy bag with circular wooden handles. Hooked onto a railing outside the big Leeds indoor market. In the second picture you can just about see it poking out from behind the traffic light post.

Next this soft floral button-down shirt, in the Victoria Quarter, outside All Saints. As I was leaving I saw a security guard looking at the shirt and speaking into his radio.

This dark brown leather bag with golden detail on the front and pop fastener. I left this outside the Corn Exchange.

This red envelope clutch bag, outside Optical Express on Briggate.

Finally I left this delicate pearl coloured petticoat inside the Woolgather exhibition. I hadn't planned to leave anything in the show today, but it was so windy as I was wandering around looking for a place for this last garment, that I decided it was safer to bring it indoors, lest it should blow into a muddy puddle and be swept up by the bin men before anyone had had the chance to appreciate it.

Just after I'd hung up the skirt, a very sweet couple came down from upstairs where they'd been looking at my photos in the exhibition. We chatted a while about my project, and the girl confessed that she was very much a petticoat lover, so naturally it was fate that she should take the pearl beauty away with her. Her boyfriend also happened to be a vintage fashion photographer extraordinaire, so there could be a magical photo on the way soon!


it As fate would have it,

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