Thursday, 26 May 2011

Replies replies

The first response I'm reporting here has a bit of a twist, because I actually took the photo myself. This is because Louise, who found my white and red knitted waistcoat, had been into the Woolgather show several times to say that she didn't have access to a camera and internet to send a picture, but still wanted to signal that she had found the garment.

Luckily I happened to be in on Wednesday when Louise came in, she didn't have the waistcoat with her so I asked her to write her name and what she'd found, and hold it up so I could take a picture and document her involvement.

Thank you Louise! x

The second response to report today is from the finder of a floaty nightie I left by The Ship pub. From this I'd say it had an interesting night! Thanks to Zane for sending me the photo.

Final Woolgather Weds

First drop of the day, this sheer lacy little pink waistcoat, outside St John's offices, next to Wormald Row.

Next this slinky little beige top, looking somewhat like a sting ray in my opinion as it flutters in the wind. Left on a post opposite TK Maxx.

Then this white dress with blue and brown flowers. I really like this and must admit that I have even worn it myself a couple of times. But here it goes off to a new future, starting in this windy tree just down the road from TK Maxx.

Tuesday this week

For the third and final Tuesday in Leeds, I started with this purple top, left in a tree next to a man playing accordion.

Next this red 80s dress with shoulder pads, frills, and button detail. Hanging on a map of the city at Leeds Markets car park.

Last of all this embroidered shirt, hanging in a tree by no. 7 Eastgate.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Reply from the blindfold scarf!

Yesterday I got an email from the lovely Libby who found my scarf at Bond Square last week. Merci beaucoup Libby!

Friday 20th May

I'm a bit late getting these on here after all the excitement of Friday, but here goes!

To kick off, I left this extremely 80s tennis dress on the door to the gallery.

Next this olive coloured cravat with burgundy detail, (a rare men's item!)

Et finalement, this blue high waisted and beautifully patterned skirt. She got a bit wet through I think in the rain!

Fingers crossed for some replies from this pretty little trio.


Sunday, 22 May 2011

One I nearly forgot!

I forgot to add the photos of this little skirt last Wednesday - I left her on the exhibition floor in the afternoon.

I realised this oversight when I received an email from the lovely people who found her! Here are their photos.

(for some reason I can't turn this second one around! I'll get back on the case tomorrow, in the mean time, heads tipped to the side everybody and enjoy)

Thank You Everybody

I'm really happy to say that With Love From The Artist won the Woolgather Art Prize 2011!!!

So I'm sending such a huge thank you to everyone who got behind me in Leeds. All the wonderful and inventive photo replies you sent, all the encouraging feedback I received, you all made this a success. I wasn't sure what the outcome would be of the project as an exhibition concept, but in fact it's seemed to work really well, and it's been lovely having a base from which I take the clothes each day, and where dialogue can take place.

Well done to all the other artists, such an array of talent. And finally the biggest well done and thank you to the Woolgather team Annie Nelson, Chris Woodward and John Slemensek. Tis mind blowing what you've done making the Woolgather Art Prize happen. Bloody inspirational.

And it's not over yet, the show is still open for the rest of the week, during the course of which the works will be given to people who voted. I will also be in Leeds distributing clothes for the rest of the week, so keep your eyes open!


Thursday, 19 May 2011

two MORE replies this evening

This lovely picture and message arrived today from Lisa who found my scarf yesterday.

(no subject)

lisa davies to me
show details 5:35 PM (6 hours ago)
Hello, I seem to have obtained a scarf that belonged to you! Thank you very much, it was lovely and really unexpected, like all the best presents are. I really like what you're doing, very 'avant-give'.

Aaaaaaand......I have indeed received further feedback from my yellow skirt which was found and repositioned by Oliver last week (see here). It seems it has journeyed to a strange and distant planet.

sorry it took so long. cameras are hard to find on my home planet!

Amei Claassen to me

Response From France : With Love From The Poet

Amazing surprise I had yesterday, another reply but not from Leeds this time. A little blue top I left in Toulouse just before leaving, here is the breathtaking response. Not just a picture, 2 pictures and a poem, in video form.

As for the video, I can't work out how to get it directly on the blog, so until I work it out click here.


Thursday 19th May

Dresses and nighties today.

First this pinky checked dress with a tie at the waist, dangling from a hanging basket outside Santander.

a pale blue embroidered nightie in the alleyway leading to the Ship pub.

Then a silky lacy nightie in a tree on Wade Lane.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

2 more replies - thank you Leeds

This evening I received another reply , from Dot (what a great name) who found my floral shirt the other day. Here's her very pretty picture.

the other reply I had this week wasn't from somebody who found one of my items, just from a lovely encouraging lady. I'm posting it here anyway:

(no subject)

Catherine Hope to me
show details May 17 (1 day ago)


I just wanted to congratulate you on your fantastic blog/work. I came across it today after wandering into the Woolgather Art Exhibition in Leeds. I think it’s fantastic and completely original what you are doing and I’m a huge vintage fan. I’m looking forward to reading your blog and following your latest replies from the people of Leeds who’ve found your items and sent a picture.

Kind regards


p.s. I also voted for you to win the Woolgather Art Prize 2011, hope you win.

Woolgather Wednesday no.2

I went a bit further afield today and found some great places to leave things.

My first couple of drops were close to home though:
number one was a blue pink and white silky scarf of the exhibition door

number two was this brown and white scarf tied around a lamp post on Bond Street

Then I went for a wander in a direction I hadn't taken before and found the perfect spot for scarf three:

a beigey greeny browny floral scarf, tied around the eyes of this statue at Bond Court

Walking a bit further I came across Park Square where I left my next two items

conveniently overhanging trees down one side of the park meant I could dangle this magenta shoulder padded delight right in the path of passers by.

next I went inside the park, and in possibly my boldest move yet, I crept under a tree, right behind a couple eating lunch on a bench, and hung a dress just above a man who was having a lunchtime nap on the grass.

This was one of my favourite moments ever.