Wednesday, 9 February 2011

nothing Toulouse....

After several months spent static, the With-Love-From project resumed activity today, this time in the pretty French city of Toulouse. Location one was the train station, Gare Matabiau, as pictured above.

Item one was a coral pink petticoat with lace trim, which I left hanging coyly inside a photo booth. From the outside you could just see a sliver of lace peeping out from under the curtain.

Item two - this rather floaty green dress, left hanging up on platform T with a rose in her buttonhole, looking a bit lovelorn as though waiting for somebody to arrive on a train. I wonder who did arrive and take her down...

...just as I was was about to walk off, I realised I'd inadvertently hung the dress right underneath a speaker, which was blasting out some flutey type music...all very atmospheric and ceremonious seeming... ends the documentation of MY clothing gifts for the day, however,
I came across something very interesting whilst I was walking around town earlier:

..a vintage faux fur coat, hung up outside a shoe shop on Rue Saint Rome, attached to a hand written note which read 'emmenez-moi', which means 'take me'! p.s.....

...never one to disoblige, my friend Caylin followed the instruction....taking the coat on a trip round the town before we later redistributed it in a little alleyway, complete with its instruction for somebody else to take it on the next stretch of its journey.

....I took the fur coat incident to be a good omen for the Toulouse leg of WithLoveFrom, clearly I'm in good company here.

Will I get replies from the train station dresses? I'm not sure. Either way, I'm going back out tomorrow for round 2...stay tuned.



p.s. here's the translated message tag I'm attaching to the clothes I leave here: