Monday, 9 May 2011

First Woolgather Response (and a memoir of Friday night)

Here's the first reply from the Woolgather garments - from Charlotte Healey, or more specifically from Alfred the puppy.

However....when I went to post this picture, I realised that I actually have no image of the scarf where I left it at the private view on Friday night. Amidst all the celebration I somehow managed to forget to take a photo, and I couldn't actually remember WHERE I had left it!

I emailed Charlotte and asked her to send me a written description of where the scarf was when she found it, so that I could make a drawing based on this, and the drawing would serve as the initial document in place of a photo.

In the end though Charlotte sent me such a lovely enlightening account of her interactions with my scarves that night, that I've decided just to publish the account itself.

Charlotte Healy to me
show details May 9 (2 days ago)

Well. It's a little bit of a story.

Early in the night I saw a beautiful pale blue scarf hanging on the shelves beside the loo upstairs. I read your note and thought it was a beautiful thing to do, and I was wondering if I should take it. The line moved forward and my friend and I were discussing it, and I lost my chance when a girl with short blonde hair took it and tied it around her head. I felt annoyed at myself for missing out on the chance to be involved in this. So then we moved down the stairs and decided to play on the drawing game, and I noticed another blue scarf hanging. I must confess I was in two minds about taking it as it was blue and pink, and pink and I don't get along very well, but I didn't want to miss another chance so I took it. Anyway, the night went on and it was all lovely and I had such good fun, and I completely forgot about the scarf in my bag. Towards the end of the night I was sat on the bench outside and I finished my wine and went to put my glass back inside, and when I returned to the bench a few minutes later an absolutely GORGEOUS orange/yellow/red/black scarf was tied up on the end of the bench. I took it and replaced it with the pink and blue scarf I'd found earlier on the stairs for someone who perhaps has a more tender relationship with pink.

I hope this is ok! I have already worn the scarf twice since Friday, and young Alfred has also worn it several times :)

Charlie xxx

ps. Thank you again for such a lovely gift! I truly appreciate it.

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