Monday, 9 May 2011

Monday 9th May in Leeds

Yesterday I took most of my remaining stock down to the Woolgather exhibition, and installed it in a handy clothes alcove opposite my documentary photos. This way I will go in each day of the show and select some items from there to distribute in the city.

It's interesting and kind of strange to see the clothes hanging all together in this kind of context again (the exhibition space is an empty shop), kind of back in their original format. An installation of clothes in a retail space turned gallery... More musing to be done about that later.

Monday 9th of May was skirt day. I took three out with me onto the mean streets of Leeds. My first drop was this blue cotton skirt with buttons down the front. I hung this from the letter box of number 162 Briggate Street, nextdoor to the shop 'Second Hand' formerly 'Vintage', where my love affair with old things began years ago.

Skirt two - this mustard yellow number with buttons down the front, hung outside Ace on Duncan Street. The owner of the shop came out and asked me what I was doing, I explained briefly and he said "but somebody will just take it". I said yep that's the idea, he looked confused but agreed I could leave it there.

Skirt three - this extremely short, pleated, silky purple beauty. I really love this one. It was on my stall right from the very beginning, nobody ever bought it and I never understood why. I left it hanging on the shutters of a shop next to Pop Boutique on Central Road.

Just before I went home for the day I left this spotty dress inside the Woolgather show. Rumour has it somebody picked it up with a plan to take it to Copenhagen.....

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