Sunday, 12 September 2010

with love from a long lost bag...

Back in July I carried out my first covert mission as with love from the artist - leaving handbags around the Ymuno Festival in Wales. This exciting first 'drop' consisted of six vintage bags.
I was so excited about having actually started the project, and surprised at how much fun I had sneaking items into places where people would notice them, but wouldn't notice me leaving them there. I had so much fun infact, that I was only mildly disappointed when I didn't get any replies from the Ymuno bags....

...until now that is...

...anybody remember this?

...the lovely navy blue bag I left on a shop door handle? Well last week I finally received news from the bag and it's new owner, and my goodness was it worth the wait...Here are the six (yes, SIX) wonderful photos of the blue bag with it's new fairy owner, in a beautiful setting, and clearly having the time of its leathery life...

...the emailer informed me that the bag is now filled with fairy stationary...


  1. I just want to say that what you are doing is such a wonder and a delight.

    How lovely to see these objects released into the world to bring moments of joy into people's lives.

    It makes me think of the value of 'gift' and how this can transform the world - something you're doing one handbag at a time :)

  2. bet you cried. fodder for the foi

  3. You are an astonishing person and this is an utterly glorious idea! I can imagine the thrill of leaving something that might unexpectedly turn around someone's awful day. And the joy of anyone fortunate enough to come across one of your vintage treats.

    I'm inspired, and delighted to know that there are people out there being lovely, just because. xx

  4. This is absolutely amazing. this bag was cleary always destined to be filled with fairy stationary.