Sunday, 22 August 2010

More Vintage Fair Responses!!!

This week I received two more replies from finders of the items I left at the Utility Vintage Fair in Chester...

Jenny Bostock found the navy blue 1970s handbag - here's the photo she sent me. By the looks of it she's still at the vintage fair here with her freshly discovered new accessory - I must say they look very happy together :-)

Second I received this photo of the canary yellow top from Katy Longman. Funnily enough I'd had a dream about this particular top the night before I opened Katy's email - lo and behold there was this lovely photo of it nestling amongst lots of vintage goodies!

So a huge Thankyou to Jenny and Katie for their replies...they were such a nice surprise as I didn't expect anyone else to get in touch this long after the event. This means overall I've received news from 3 of the 7 items - what a result.

Stay tuned for the next installment...


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