Monday, 4 July 2011

Vintage Fair Reply

Today I received this really sweet photo and email from Jemima Lee, who found the first thing I left at Judy's vintage fair a couple of weeks ago. Lovely!

Found: Blue Scarf

Jem Bannister to me
show details 12:42 AM (14 hours ago)
Hello there!

I'm just letting you know that I picked up one of your items at the recent Vintage Fair in Chester: I found a flowery blue scarf tied to a door handle only moments after reading about your project.

I've attached a picture of the scarf being put to use (along with a shirt I also bought at the fair!). Just so you know, it's come to a loving home :3

I think what you're doing is really interesting, and also really sweet. As a fellow artist, I love things that allow people to connect, whether they meet or not. There's a special mark left behind. I wonder if you've heard of PostSecret? They do something similar, in the form of leaving secrets for others to read anonymously. It's hugely popular!

Well, good luck with your project. I hope it grows and allows you to do more in the future :) And thank you for the scarf!

All the best,

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