Monday, 4 July 2011

Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair

On Saturday 18th June I left a selection of surprises on and around the stalls at the Chester Guildhall.

First drop of the day, a long blue scarf with pink flowers, tied to a door handle.

second was this really pretty little beaded bag, one of the things donated by Judith, left on a hat stand at the entrance to the fair.

next this fluffy feathered pill box hat, another Judith gift, left on a table in the Tea Shoppe.

next this pink patterned dress, left on Prince's Vintage stall. Not a great photo unfortunately, hopefully someone will send me a better one!

this stunning little pastel pink beaded bag (yet another Judith special), left somewhat camouflaged amongst some other sequined bags.

late in the day I left this stripy pencil skirt in the Tea Shoppe area.

Finally, a lovely tortoise-shell style clutch bag, again donated by Judith, left just opposite the Guildhall, outside a shop on the rows.

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