Thursday, 29 July 2010

One Green Dress...

At 7am this morning I took one green dress into Chester and left it in a tree at the end of a residential street, somewhere near Habitat. In a slight diversion from the general concept, whereby I have no idea who will discover the items I distribute, this dress was for somebody in particular to find...

I have a lovely friend who lives in a house next to the tree, in fact she can see it from her bedroom window. I happened to know that she loved this particular dress when it was on my stall, and had mentioned to her that I might surprise her one day by leaving it in the tree outside her house.

Having planted this idea in my friend's head, I liked to imagine that each morning as she opened her blinds she would glance at the tree, to see if the dress was there, or if as per usual, it was empty.

Today, after many empty tree mornings, there was the green dress.

I liken this process to that of me, checking my withlovefromtheartist email account time after time to find it empty, until the mini-miraculous occurrs and I log in to find a reply waiting for me. The non-replies make the replies more momentous...likewise, hopefully, a bit of suspense made the dress all the more delicious for my friend.
Fingers crossed for a Green Dress reply!

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