Thursday, 14 June 2012

It's been a while

since I posted any updates on here. So long in fact that Blogger has changed its format and I've had a bit of trouble creating a post at all.

I have to admit that for several months now there have been two exciting responses sitting in my inbox waiting to be revealed. So without further ado, here they are.

As it's been such a long time I thought I'd include pictures of where I left the items initially. The first is a blue scarf, which was the very first thing I distributed as part of the Woolgather Art Prize 2011.

And here it is some months later taking part in a Circus-tastic fancy dress - thank you to the lovely Lucy Dunn for sending this picture!

Next, another blue scarf from back in the Woolgather day (I seem to remember there were loads of blue scarves in that part of the project?!)...again from the opening night this one. Something tells me the party must have been in full swing at the time of tying this scarf to a bench surrounded by bare-footed boys outside the gallery...

I'm happy to say it has clearly been having a much more dignified time since then, adorning the neck of fabulous Helen. Huge thank you to David Beatson for sending me this lovely set of images.


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