Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Last week I received this message from one of the students I've been teaching in Toulouse; it turns out he was with Alexandre Lapostolle when he found my beige dress, and they had in fact taken the pictures together.

I am basically anonymous in the process of withlovefromtheartist, and my student found out by accident that theperpetrator of the dress and his teacher were the same person. By this time I had just finished working at the school, so our dialogue about this has taken place through email - with the same kind of mysterious remove as other WLFTA interactions. Seems kind of fitting.

This gave me insight into one unexpected coincidence which had arisen as a result of the project. I love the idea that he and I had sat in a classroom together and interacted, unaware that we had essentially collaborated artistically.A really cute message - enjoy.




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Hello Jo,

my name is Dimitri, I was in class with you this Wednesday morning.

I'm not sure you'd given to us your adress in order we write to you whereas we're not in England.

So, I'm sorry if this e-mail seems unpleasant.

I only would tell you I'm aware of your artist work and that I was with Alexandre Lapostolle when we decided to bring back the beige dress at Place de la Bourse in his house to take photos. At this time, I was totally unaware that "withlovefromtheartist" was yours.

Alexandre Lapostolle sent to me the explanations you'd given to him about your artistic project. I found the concept very interesting, but even at this moment I didn't know you were the intelligence of this work. However, Alexandre told me the founder of "withlovefromtheartist" was English, and it made me think about Tracey Emin and the presentation you'd made to the classroom.

A few days before the exposition at L'Hôtel Du Barry, Alexandre sent me a video coming from your blog where you're explaning some of yours artistic projects (the one about forgotten socks you're photographing after is great!).

Thanks to this video, I realized the founder of the blog and you were the same person!

Thus (maybe this word is more used in commentaries or class works...) I imagined the encounter between two persons, who had found one of yours aristic clothes, and you although you were not aware of our part in your artistic way. I think it is interesting because it gives the impression artists and nobodymen can cross their path without recognizing each other inside the artistic pattern - they create coincidences between people, through the clothes you're leaving on your way and curiosity.

Alexandre was invited to the exposition - he is the tall fair hair boy I stayed with. He was a student of Mme Pacaud the last year.

Right now, I'm a little disappointed insofar as I wasn't able to say it instead of writing it.

Thanks you for classes you've given to us!

PS: Sorry for mistakes!



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  1. I absolutely LOVE this. It's too painfully perfect - the slightly wonky but admirable English, the use of the word 'nobodymen' and the amazing coincidence of your near-meeting.

    These are the moments that make fiction seem pointless - real life is so magical, how could we ever make anything better up?

    I adore your project, it's one of the most lovely things I've ever come across, and I cling to the hope that one day I will spy an item of clothing with one of your wonderful tags.